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All Seasons Coffeehouse receives Fox Cities Magazine “Favorite Hidden Gem” Golden Fork Award

We are oh, so excited to receive the Golden Fork Award for Favorite Hidden Gem! Thank you FOX CITIES Magazine for the award, constant support and kind words, as well as all of our fans and friends who voted for us! We are equally excited to have placed second for Best Cup of Coffee and Best Cafe!

Trip to Ruby Roasters

Our staff was able to take a small trip to Central Wisconsin roaster Ruby Roasters. Jared, Ruby’s founder showed us his entire roasting process and we were also able to sample a ton of their coffee. We plan to start selling and offering Ruby Roasters in early August.

If you want to learn more about Ruby Roasters.. check them out at!

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Is that a coffee cup?

You better believe it! We finally received all of the permits to put our 7’x7′ coffee cup up on the corner of our building. Andrew, our owner’s husband built the entire thing by himself. He was more than excited to finally have it up on the building at the beginning of April.

So come check it out and stop in to try some of the best coffee and from scratch bakery in Appleton!

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Grinders, Grinders, Grinders

This past weekend we decided to up our hand brewed coffee, so we purchased two new Baratza Vario W grinders. So far these little machines have been absolutely stellar. Quick and easy to program and the consistency of the grind is incredible. They’ve been perfect for V60 and Chemex brewing.

Brewing individual cups of coffee creates a fresher and smoother tasting cup of coffee. By controlling all of the variables that go into the brewing process, you can really dial in the perfect taste of your coffee. Adjusting the grind settings correctly is the first step in getting the best taste out of your coffee, which is why investing in good grinders is always a good move. Next is weighing out your coffee/water ratio. The industry standard ratio is 15-1 (15 grams of water to 1 gram of coffee). Then the final factor in brewing a great cup of coffee is water quality and temp. Having filtered water set at 200 degrees is perfect for brewing pour over coffee.